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                                                                       Quality, handcrafted items by artisans from the Appalachian foothills in southeast Ohio

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The Artisans


An artisan is "one who practices a trade or handicraft, creating with skill or dexterity something in limited quantities often using traditional methods."  That definition perfectly describes what we people do.  Every item you find on this site is handmade by someone who take pride in his work so if you find it here, it will be a quality item.  Please take time to browse Their Wares.  Of course, we hope you will make a purchase; you will not be disappointed.


We've also put together a list of Our Favorite Websites; these are websites we enjoy and think you might, too.


Susan Sherman at her Bluebird PotterySusan Sherman

Potter & Artist


Susan is from Amesville, a small town near Athens, Ohio.  She has been making pottery for over 35 years.  From her workshop she calls the “Bluebird Pottery” she makes pieces that are a feast for the eyes and a pleasure to use.


Her special glazes and patterns are lead-free and food safe.  Since they are also dishwasher- and oven-safe, they go right from the oven to table as beautiful serving dishes.  Firing to a fiercely hot 2,200 degrees makes a beautiful finish, literally turning the glaze into glass, fusing the clay and glaze together to form true stoneware.  The decoration is under the glaze which preserves and protects the natural beauty and intensity of the colors.


Because her pottery is made by hand – formed or thrown on the wheel – no two pieces are exactly the same.  For decorative purposes or for everyday use, you will enjoy her pottery for years to come.


Susan Sherman at her Bluebird Pottery  Susan Sherman at her Bluebird Pottery


Susan has a B.S. in education.  She taught art in St. Michael’s High School in Maryland.  She has been a business owner for over 25 years.  When asked about the name of her business, Bluebird Pottery, she explains, “The Bluebird Pottery name came about because we lived next door to an antique dealer.  Gus (her husband) started doing slip trail birds that were similar to the old salt glazed style that was on crocks.  They sometimes called them Pretty Birdies.  We later found out that many of the old potteries were called bluebird potteries because after a hard cold winter, the bluebirds returning were the sign that spring was here and it was warm enough to start up production again.  The bluebirds have been a continuing pattern for over 30 years.”


Susan Sherman at her Bluebird PotteryPlease do take a look at her designs.  The variety is staggering; she is always coming up with something new and is open to suggestions.


Weekend-long workshops at her Bluebird Pottery and Bed & Breakfast are available starting at $ 500 for the first person and $ 300 for each additional person.


A wonderful article about Susan's, written by Damaine Vonada, appeared in the September 2009 issue (Volume 51, No 12) of Country Living magazine.  You can read it online at http://www.buckeyepower.com/cl/index.asp?getPage=1011&issueid=62.


Complete hand-painted dinnerware sets by Susan Sherman are available. Although she has been making dinnerware for a long time, until now we haven't put information on the website.  Please Contact Us if you want to discuss your dinnerware design and to get a quote.







Louise Hawkins

Homemade Soap & Lotion Bars

Biographical information and photos to be added.


Lis Smith

Sawyer & Equine Artist


Biographical information and photos to be added.


Great Pyrenees - available as a pattern or wood silhouette

Great Pyrenees wood silhouette by Lis Smith



Eddie Miller

Custom Cabinets & Fine Furniture


Biographical information and photos to be added.


Eddie Miller & Family

Eddie Miller & Family

Come Meet Us!


The Artisans' Calendar will be updated as the events are confirmed, so please check it often.

You can also follow us on facebook




Kimber Caito

Artist & Quilter/Sewer


Kimber is from Somerset in Perry county, Ohio.  A friend remembered that when she was about 8-9 years old, she asked her what she was going to do when she grew up.  Kim replied that she would ride a motorcycle and live in a real log cabin.  "I don't ride a motorcycle anymore because other drivers scare me," she says.  "The log home, yes, I still enjoy that part of my dream.  My husband and I began restoring this house [pictured above] 1994.  It's an ongoing, or should I say never-ending, project!"  Read more at 1829 Log House.


Kimber took photography at Columbus College of Art & Design and is now just beginning to enjoy digital photography.  She has taken many other art courses including Commercial Art, Drawing, Painting, and Pottery.  "I also enjoy Language Arts," she says.  "I took up learning ASL (American Sign Language) in the early 1980s but didn't do anything with it until 2006.  What a beautiful and expressive language!  Interpreting for the deaf is so fulfilling; I wish I had started doing this years ago."

What she enjoys most about quilting is piecing together the tops - picking the colors, patterns, and materials - to make what is truly a work of art.  She learned from her mother how to sew, embroider and quilt.  "Mom helped me make my first quilt when I was about eight years old.  She had me draw pictures of animals on quilt squares then embroider them.  She inspected my work and made me redo any section where the stitches didn't meet end-to-end.  Mom said the back of the embroidery should look almost as good as the front.  Even though it is a getting tattered, that first quilt is on one of the beds in our guest bedrooms."

"I started making aprons because I do not have one shirt that isn't stained from cooking, things splashing or popping, so I thought - duh! - why not use an apron.  They're useful for many things like when painting or crafting, gardening and especially in the barn to hold picks and hoof knives and, of course, donkey treats.  The ones you find in the stores are either too big (do they make these aprons for giants!?) or the pockets are too shallow or too narrow."  Hopefully, you will find one of her aprons that are just right for your needs.


The Things We Make


Animal Patterns &

Matching Designs in Wood


 Horses, Donkeys & Mules

Detailed Woodcut :: Shire, "Naomi"

Detailed Woodcut :: Shire, "Naomi"


Alpaca & Llama

Wood Silhouette :: Llama, "Se Llama"

Wood Silhouette :: Llama, "Se Llama"



Wood Silhouette :: Miniature Schnauzer

Wood Silhouette :: Miniature Schnauzer



Homemade Soap

Homemade Soap :: All-Natural Selection

All-Natural Soap Selection


Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars :: Lotion without a Bottle!

Lotion without a Bottle!


Hand-painted Pottery

Hand-painted Mini-Dish :: Monkey Business

Mini-Dish, "Monkey Business"



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