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Quality, Handcrafted Items by Artisans of the Appalachian Foothills in Southeast Ohio - Things Reminiscent of Long Ago




We are doing a complete website makeover.  Updates are being made daily, usually pages or sections at a time.  So if there is no content on this page today, there may be tomorrow or even later today.  Don't give up on us.  To see new content and photos, visit again soon.  In the meantime, please find and 'Like'...

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Our Little Long Ears

Long Time Ago Farm is home to four loveable, little long ears.  Rocket Man, his mother Mullie and Nettie are miniature Mediterranean donkeys (also known as Sicilian donkeys).  Sage is a miniature Baudet du Poitou.  Read more about dinky donkeys <link here>

About the Farm

About 20 years ago, we bought an 1829 log house on a small farm in the scenic Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio.  It started what seems to be a life-long repair and renovation project!  Sometimes we think, 'what did we get ourselves into!?'  After a long day when we come home to this peaceful place, we know it is worth all the effort.  Read more about the farm <link here>

Dinky Donkey Doo

Don't use just any ol' horse manure to prepare your gardens and flower beds - use Dinky Donkey Doo!  Horse apples are big and bulky; they lose their shape as they tend to splatt when hitting the ground.  Not so with Dinky Donkey Doo.  It's the most adorable manure you've ever seen!

If you will be in the area and would like a load of Dinky Donkey Doo, let us know.  Probably, you will get a chance to see how it is made since our little ones pump out the stuff daily.  We have an unending supply and are happy to share the wealth... it's FREE!

What is an Artisan?

An artisan is "one who practices a trade or handicraft, creating with skill or dexterity something in limited quantities often using traditional methods."  Every item you find on this site is handmade by someone who take pride in his work.

We have met many interesting and talented people from this area who make beautiful things.  Here we have provided a place online for them to offer their goods.  Please take time to Meet the Artisans and browse Their Wares.  Of course, we hope you will make a purchase; you will not be disappointed.

Our Artisans' Calendar is updated as events are confirmed, so please check it often.  Notices will also be announced on Long Time Ago Farm on Facebook.

What Other Have to Say

We love to hear from you, our customers!  Of course, compliments are wonderful; we also like to receive your suggestions.  Read what others have to say about the things we make on the Customer Testimonials.

Gift Certificates

Would you like to get a gift for an animal lover you know but are not sure which breed or design they would prefer?  Perhaps your friends or family members love homemade soap but you don't know which types are their favorites.  If you want to give someone a beautiful piece of hand-painted pottery but want to let him pick the designs...  Send a gift certificate!   Click here to read more and/or to purchase Glift Certificates.

You Can Also Find Us...

Occasionally we list just-released items, discontinued, one-of-a-kind, scratch-n-dent or other items on the websites listed below:

Long Time Ago Farm on eBay Classifieds
(Since 11/2011)  Find discontinued fragrances/types of homemade soap and lotion bars on eBay Classifieds, usually as a 'grab bag' item.

Long Time Ago Farm on eBay
(Since 06/1999)  If an animal pattern has been changed, the old designs here will be listed on eBay.  Also find one-of-a-kind, introductory and scratch-and-dent items.

Long Time Ago Farm on Half.com
(Since 06/1999) Ephemera, books, DVDs, CDs, movies, usually horse- or dog-related themes.  Most items are used but in very good condition including out-of-print or first editions.

Long Time Ago Farm on Etsy
(Since 02/2010)  One-of-a-kind and introductory items made using our wood animal silhouettes and designs.

Long Time Ago Farm on Amazon
Books, DVDs, CDs, movies, usually horse- or dog-related themes.  Most items are used but in very good condition including out-of-print or first editions.

ASL, pah!

The ILY is probably the best-known ASL (American Sign Language) handshape.  Before it became popular as an acronym used in chat rooms and text messaging, it was used in sign language.  More ILY and sign language items coming soon.  ASL, pah!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Remember Moe Money, the little man on the Monopoly game cards?  He is now the mascot for Ebates, an online rebate center.  I have used it since 2002.  Every three month a check is sent automatically.

There are over a thousand merchants on Ebates, most are very well-known (Lands' End, Sephora, AT&T, Babies-r-Us, Barnes & Noble, Disney Store, Ghiradelli Chocolate, Radisson Hotels, Tractor Supply Company, Wrangler).

When you register and make a first purchase, you will receive an additional $ 5.00 back.  I hope you can take advantage of it, plus their Deals of the Week and Daily Double offers!

Click here to sign up for Ebates and start printing coupons, promo codes and automatic cash back rebates.  Hope this is a benefit you can enjoy.


Kimber Caito
Long Time Ago Farm

Keeping It Green

Recycle Computers & Equipment

Drop off old computers for recycling at no charge.  We may be able to pick-up your computers in Perry, Fairfield, Muskingum and surrounding counties.  In most cases, your files (photos, documents, etc.) can be retrieved and saved for you.  All hard drives are wiped clean.  Salvageable parts are reused.  The unusable parts will be properly recycled.  Call (740) 743-0099 Dan Caito.

Ultimate Recycling Day

Date to be Announced Soon

Kroger Parking Lot; Carroll St; New Lexington
Drop off hours:  9am-12pm

This event is co-sponsored by New Lexington & Miller FFA, New Lexington Classic Riders and Keep America Beautiful.  Some items will require a modest donation to offset associated costs.  Accepting for proper disposal and/or recycling:  used motor oil; Freon-type appliances, freezers, electric refrigerators, air conditioners; stoves and ranges; hot water heaters; steel, aluminum and copper scrap metals; passenger car and light truck tires, large truck and tractor tires, tires on rims; regular vehicle lead-acid batteries; TVs, computers, computer monitors.  FYI:  Items not accepted at this event are:  mixed trash, brush, lumber, wood or plastic furniture, liquid wastes, antifreeze.  Be sure to call (740) 342-7881 if you are not sure an item will be accepted.

Batteries & Fluorescent Bulbs

Instead of putting dead BATTERIES in the trash headed for a landfill, save them in an empty milk jug or coffee can until a recycling event.

FLUORESCENT BULBS/TUBES contain small amounts of mercury, a toxin harmful to humans.  Take them to either PerCo Recycling Center or any Lowe's or Home Depot for proper disposal.

How You Can Be 'Green'

50% of our trash - paper, plastic, glass, metal - is recyclable.  25% of our trash can be composted.  Potentially, we could divert 75% of our trash from landfills.

Green Gift Giving

Give gifts that promote life style changes friendly to the environment.   For example: cloth napkins and matching tablecloth, cloth or string shopping bags, a compost or recycling bin, gift certificates to resale shops, lunch box, reusable picnic plates, cups and utensils, stationary made from recycled paper.

Of course, we (Long Time Ago Farm) recommend Tina's Lotion Bars or Louise's Homemade Soap.  These items are useful and without waste but even, more important, are thoughtful and long-lasting high-quality gifts that will be appreciated by the recipient for weeks or months.


Eco-Tips and other notices regarding recycling events are provided by Perry County Waste Reduction & Recycling; 2231 State Rte 13; New Lexington, OH  43764; (740) 342-7881.

Lancaster-Fairfield Community Action Recycling Center; 1761 E Main St (US Highway 22); Lancaster, OH  43130; (740) 687-1295 also accepts pasteboard.  Another excellent source for information is Coshocton-Fairfield-Licking-Perry Solid Waste District; 675 Price Rd; Newark, OH  43055; (740) 349-6308.  Visit their site for a list of drop-off bin locations in the four counties.  The site also has wonderfully useful “How To…” sections such as: “How to Stop Unwanted Mail”; “Prevent Identity Theft”; “Reuse Items”; “Compost at Home”; more.  It also lists the Registered Public Compost Facilities that accept grass, leaves and small brush where it is ground, aged and the resultant mulch and/or compost is sold or given out for gardening.

Glenford Stone Fort


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the little man on the Monopoly game cards, Moe Money?  He is now the mascot for Ebates, an online rebate center.  I've used it since 2002; every three months a rebate check is sent automatically.