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Our Little Long Ears


Meet our four little, loveable long ears - Rocket Man,  his mother Mullie and Nettie are miniature Mediterranean donkeys (also known as Sicilian donkeys).  Sage is a miniature Baudet du Poitou.

Rocket Man & Friends, miniature donkeys.Rocket Man


Rocket Man is, as usual, in the middle front.  That is his mother, Mullie, walking in behind him.  Rocket Man likes to play with milk jugs and walk around with a bucket on his head.  He is the youngest and can be quite annoying when the others just want to enjoy a little peace and quiet under the trees.




Nettie is afraid of the camera so we do not have a good picture of her.  She starts walking away if she sees someone approaching with a camera.  Yes, that's her little bullet-butt at the left in the picture above .  She has the most beautiful brown eyes and the kindest face any donkey ever had, although you maybe never see it in a picture.  She is willing and generous and wants nothing more than to be loved.  Well, maybe a lot of hay and grass.


01/26/2014 - Rocket Man is always the first one out of the barn to meet us.  Nettie always follows.


What's the difference between a burro and a donkey?  Nothing.  Burro is the Spanish word for donkey.  Although, some people call the wild ass a burro and a domesticated ass a donkey.




Mullie (black halter) is loyal and intelligent.  When she first arrived on our farm, she wouldn't allow anyone to touch her.  She had been neglected before coming here and we suspect she might even have been abused.  It took months of quiet encouragement but she came out of her shell, and how!  Now she cannot get enough of being brushed and scratched.  She study you before deciding if you are friend-worthy; if she decides you're ok, she's your friend for life.


Mother & SonWhy are they so fuzzy?  In the wintertime, donkeys get a heavy coat.  Their foreheads and faces get bushy to the point their eyes are almost covered.  This picture was taken in the late Spring when they still had about half of their winter coats.  By mid-summer they will be sleek and shiny and look as if they had lost about 50 pounds.  As they are shedding out they look rather pathetic.  Many people shave their donkeys to avoid that 'ugly' stage; we don't, rather we groom them because they enjoy the attention and it is our 'quality time'.  Some of our visitors who have seen the donkeys in winter did not know they were the same animals when they came back in the summertime.


WARNING:  This road isn't passable, not even jackassable.   --- Jesse Douglas


01/26/2014 - Sage (left) and Nettie (right)




Sage is a miniature Baudet du Poitou donkey.  Many people do not realize that, just like horses, there are different breeds of donkeys.  In the wintertime she gets a long, curly coat of very soft hair.  It is a rich coconut color.  If left ungroomed ,she will eventually look as if she has dreadlocks!


SageSage is confident and kind.  She loves to play 'follow-me-if-you-can', leading the others in an all-out run from pasture to pasture and getting as close to things as she can without running into them.  Her next favorite game is playing 'chicken'; she runs straight toward you at full speed veering off to one side or the other at the last possible second.  It can be scary so don't play if you're chicken!  She is our resident pick pocket.


Although they are incredibly strong, Poitou donkeys were never used as a work animal; they were almost exclusively used for breeding mules.  The Poitou jack was bred to a Trait Mulassier mare.  The Trait Mulassier is also a critically endangered species, as of April 2010 there were only three in the USA!  The French have taken the lead in careful management and rebreeding efforts and both are beginning to recover from near extinction.


The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is a non-profit membership organization working to protect over 180 breeds of livestock and poultry from extinction.  Founded in 1977, the ALBC works to conserve historic breeds and genetic diversity in livestock.  As of October 2011, their list shows the Poitou as "critical" and the Miniature Donkey as "recovering".


01/26/2014 - Iman is our newest addition.  He was adopted from the Fairfield County Dog Shelter.



Rocket Man Gets a Pedicure


03/03/11 Rocket Man gets a Hoof Check        03/03/11 Rocket Man Gets a Trim


The farrier, Mike Blackburn, checks for any potential hoof problems like white line or abscesses.  Rocket enjoys having the farrier work on his feet.  However, he does not have the same fondness for the equine dentist!


A female donkey is called a jenny.  A male donkey is called a jack.


12/27/09  Joanna & Rocket Man





Joanna & Rocket Man


Joanna and her mother spent the weekend with us.  The donkeys enjoyed their visit!  They have stayed with us before; Rocket Man never forgets a friend.


12/27/09  Brittany Gets a Donkey Group Hug





Brittany Gets a Donkey Group Hug


Brittany is probably the donkeys' (and our) favorite visitors!  You've heard the expression, 'an elephant never forgets' - it is especially true of donkeys.  They remember kindnesses and mistreatments.


Donkeys and mules are smart, sensitive and affectionate.  They are sure-footed and extremely strong for their size.  They have long been stereotyped as stubborn and difficult to control.  The key to working with these bright and inquisitive animals is to understand them and how they differ in many ways from horses.


There is no character, howsoever good and fine, but it can be destroyed by ridicule, howsoever poor and witless.  Observe the ass, for instance:  his character is about perfect, he is the choicest spirit among all the humbler animals, yet see what ridicule has brought him to.  Instead of feeling complimented when we are called an ass, we are left in doubt.  –Mark Twain


12/27/09  Rocket Man Strikes a Pose





Rocket Man Strikes a Pose


Rocket Man loves the camera and, it's obvious, the camera loves him!  This picture was taken on a cold, windy day so it was a good thing the donkeys already have their fuzzy winter coats.


12/27/09  Rocket Man, What a Cutie!





What a Cutie!


He certainly has 'cute' down to an art.  Rocket Man was born May 10, 2001; Mullie is his mother.  He is a gelding, which means he is a neutered male.  He is gentle and very affectionate.


A donkey's life expectancy is 30-35 years.

They mature at about 4 years of age, later than horses.


Rocket Man


Donkey Delights


Treats are expensive.  These are quick and easy to make and no 'mystery ingredients'.  Our dogs love them, too.


                 1˝ c grated carrots

                 1˝ c grated apples

                 ˝ c molasses

                 10 oz rolled oats

                 4 oz Wheaties or similar cereal


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.  Combine all ingredients in a large bowl.  Drop by large spoonfuls onto a lightly-greased cookie sheet and gently flatten each cookie with the back of the spoon.  Bake for about one hours until cookies are crispy.

Rocket Man & Mullie Girl




Watch the Camera


What a ham!  Rocket really does love the camera.  Rocket Man and Mullie have never been separated.  If something should happen to one, the other would probably go into mourning.



A mule is the cross out of a horse dam (mother) and a donkey sire (father).  Mules are almost always sterile.

A hinny is the cross out of a donkey dam (mother) and a horse sire (father.

Haley Clark with Donkeys (1)        Haley Clark with Donkeys (3)


Haley Clark with Donkeys (2)        Haley Clark with Donkeys (4)


Haley Clark visits the Donkeys

Haley braved a frigid November day to meet and spend time with the donkeys.


"The greatest gift the donkey provides its rider is common sense," Dwite says. "If the animal trusts you and decides to refuse to do something for you, take a good look around because it's probably seeing a danger you don't. A good donkey will take care of its rider."


The above quote if from an article by Jeanette Beranger found in Tractor Supply Company's Out Here magazine.  You can read the entire article at http://www.tractorsupply.com/out-here_2014-winter_american-mammoth-jackstock


Amber, after teasing the donkeys.

Amber loves to tease the donkeys!



Amber searching for a mouse in the woodpile (1 of 2)        Amber searching for a mouse in the woodpile (2 of 2)

Searching for a mouse in the woodpile.  She tore up that huge log trying to get a mouse.

We didn't have the heart to tell her we saw it run out the other end and was long gone!



Amber, just chillin'        Amber, just chillin', and Rupert (background)

Amber with her buddy, Rupert (rear)



Rupert & Amber (right)

Rupert (left) has slowed down in his old age.  Amber is always a whirlwind of activity.

This was a rare moment when both were taking a rest in the shade.



02/13/11  Rupert Finds a Deer Carcass  02/13/11  Rupert Gets a Deer Meat Snack


Rupert Finds a Deer-Meat Snack


We often find along the property deer carcasses that poachers have killed just for the head and antlers.  The bodies are left behind and sometimes thrown into the creek.


Usually, coyotes or other dogs finish off the meat within 24 hours.  It was a frigid February day so the carcass was frozen, solid.  He worked and worked to get some of the meat off the bones.

Are donkeys stubborn?  No!  Donkeys are cautious to the extreme; they will not put themselves in a dangerous position.  So, they think things over before acting.  If they determine the situation to be threatening, they - logically - refuse to do it.

Caring for Donkeys


Normally, donkeys are very 'easy-keepers', requiring only water, grass hay and grass (no alfalfa, clover or sweet feed because those things are too rich for donkeys; it makes them fat which causes health issues), a farrier's visit only three or four times a year for trimming the hooves, and an annual floating (leveling the teeth and removing any sharp points).  During a normal year -not counting Mullie and Nettie's special issues- the care for all four donkeys is less than what we spend on dog food for two Rottweilers!


Our donkeys were rescued from a less-than-ideal situation.  A woman had acquired these four wonderful creatures; we do not know when, where, how or why.  The woman and her husband divorced and she left the farm, leaving the donkeys behind.  They were in an old one-car garage standing knee-deep in their own manure.  They were not being fed on a regular basis.  Nettie has some minor health issues including a tendency to founder (laminitis) and Mullie has some health issues and dental problems.  The vet bill for equine dentistry in December 2011 was $ 715.00 and Mullie will need a few follow-up visits!


If you would like to make a modest donation to help pay for their care it will be greatly appreciated.  100% of donations received will go to pay their vet bills, equine dentistry services (floating the teeth), farrier services (trimming hooves and checking for abscesses, white line and other hoof ailments) and feed (hay) - only for items directly related to their care.

THANK YOU in advance for every donation - large or small - every penny helps!


The Things We Make


Animal Patterns &

Matching Designs in Wood


 Horses, Donkeys & Mules

Detailed Woodcut :: Shire, "Naomi"

Detailed Woodcut :: Shire, "Naomi"


Alpaca & Llama

Wood Silhouette :: Llama, "Se Llama"

Wood Silhouette :: Llama, "Se Llama"



Wood Silhouette :: Miniature Schnauzer

Wood Silhouette :: Miniature Schnauzer



Homemade Soap

Homemade Soap :: All-Natural Selection

All-Natural Soap Selection


Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars :: Lotion without a Bottle!

Lotion without a Bottle!


Hand-painted Pottery

Hand-painted Mini-Dish :: Monkey Business

Mini-Dish, "Monkey Business"



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