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                                                                       Quality, handcrafted items by artisans from the Appalachian foothills in southeast Ohio

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The Things We Make


Quality, handcrafted items by artisans from the Appalachian foothills of southeast Ohio - that's what you will find here on LongTimeAgoFarm.com!  Every item you find on this site is handmade by someone who take pride in his work.  We are always looking for persons who create interesting, high-quality items and hope to have more join us soon.


Please take time to Meet the Artisans and browse their wares.  Of course, we hope you will make a purchase; you will not be disappointed.  Read below to find out about the items available, a little about how they are made and who makes them.



Homemade Soap

Artisan:  Louise Hawkins & Tina Hawkins Wozniak

Homemade soap using only high-quality ingredients.  Each bar is hand-cut and weighs approximately 3 ounces.  Vegan or non-vegan, all-natural or with fragrance - creamy, smooth lather!

Click here to see Homemade Soap.

Lotion Bars

Artisan:  Tina Hawkins Wozniak

These fine lotion bars are wonderful for use anytime on hands, legs, feet and body.  Soothing too.  Many all-natural and fragrance selections.  A must for rough feet and elbows.

Click here to see Lotion Bars.

Hand-painted Pottery

Artisan:  Susan Sherman

Every item is hand-painted or stained individually.  Delightful designs and rich colors.  All are food-safe and nice enough to go from oven to table.  Many decorative items, too.

Click here to see Hand-painted Pottery.

Animal Patterns & Designs in Wood:  Alpaca & Llama

Artisan:  Lis Smith

All original designs, Lis carefully researches the animals before she recreates them in wood.  Her wood silhouettes are perfect for stall signs or to decorate home, barn or office.

Click here to see Alpaca & Llama.

Animal Patterns & Designs in Wood:  Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Artisan:  Lis Smith

Lis visits does research, visits dog shows, inquires of breeders and other dog fanciers to refine her designs.  There are many dog designs out there but these are beautifully detailed.

Click here to see Dogs, Dogs, Dogs.

Animal Patterns & Designs in Wood:  Donkeys, Mule & Horses

Artisan:  Lis Smith

An avid horse lover and former trainer, Lis' first designs were of horses.  More than 100 designs, many breeds and disciplines from Western to Dressage, Arabian to Welsh Pony.

Click here to see Donkeys, Mules & Horses.

Handcrafted Celebrate! Ribbon Displays

Artisan:  Lis Smith

Whether it is for horses, dogs, alpacas and llamas, sports - any event - show off your hard-earned ribbons.  Beautifully finished wood nice enough for home, barn office or kennel office.

Click here to see Celebrate! Ribbon Displays.



Happily, I am so busy trying to keep this website updated, focusing on the artisans - Lis Smith, Louise Hawkins, Tina Wozniak and Susan Sherman - that I have neglected some parts of it, namely, this page and a few others.  Please excuse me; if you have any questions, feel free to call me at (740) 743-0099 or send an email to me at longtimeagofarm@yahoo.com.


In addition, having launched DonkeyHonk.com, I've been busy contacting people who provide goods and services to the people of southeast Ohio.  So, yes, I do still make the aprons, dolls and quilted items but do so by request or special order.  Thank you for your patience.  ----- Kimber



Vintage-Style & Work Aprons Aprons

Artisan:  Kimber Caito

Patterned after vintage designs, these aprons are pretty and useful.  Protect your clothing.  Get one for each day of the week and one or two for the garage and barn.

Click here to see Aprons.










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